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Gallaudet University and the National Association of the Deaf Bust ASL Myths

"Two of the nation's largest ASL supporters team up to prove a number of ASL myths wrong. Doctors routinely tell their patients "facts" about Deafness that have since been proven false or are...

ASL Content Standards K-12

The purpose of this initiative is to establish formal standards and benchmarks for ASL learning in grades K through 12. The development of these standards are central to helping deaf and hard of...

Acknowledging Deaf People

Noah Buchholz explains that before they discuss or present about sign language or deaf culture non-deaf people need to acknowledge deaf people and show recognition that the language and culture...

ASL Tales

Signed stories (ASL) available for purchase.

How Early Intervention Can Make a Difference: Research and Trends

Dr. Beth Benedict presents about the importance of early intervention.

"Can early intervention really make a difference? Join Dr. Beth Benedict for a webinar on what research is telling us...

History of ASL by Chuck Baird

"In 1994, Deaf Artist Chuck Baird was invited to spend a year as the Artist in Residence at The Learning Center for the Deaf. During his time on campus, he created a visual interpretation of Deaf...

Bedrock Literacy Curriculum

Dr. Kristin A. DiPerri has designed an English-language curriculum specifically for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Human Rights - The Power of Sign Language

Deaf children have a right to a quality education, like all other children, in a language and environment that maximizes their potential.
Human Rights Watch documented cases of deaf children...

WFD - International Week of the Deaf

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) announces the 2014,International Week of the Deaf theme: Strengthening Human Diversity. "International Week of the Deaf is celebrated annually by deaf people...

Courdroy Signed in ASL

A young boy signs the story "Courdroy".