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CHS- Creating Accessible Recreation Facilities

"The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) and the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA) are working in partnership on a project titled: Creating Accessible Recreation Facilities for...

Deaf Employment at KFC in India!

Deaf people are gaining employment all over the world in different fields. Watch this video to see deaf employees at a KFC in India!

Vibes Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Read an issue of the Canadian Hearing Society's (CHS) Magazine "Vibes".

Language Deprivation Syndrome

Dr. Sanjay Gulati of the Cambridge Health Alliance presents a lecture about the serious affects of Language Deprivation Syndrome.

Deaf Football Player Aspires to Play in the NFL

Adam Talaat shares his journey of playing football and his aspirations to play in the NFL.

Do you want to be a scientist? RIT Wants you!

Ever wonder about the future educational/employment opportunities for your deaf or hard of hearing child? Here's one option.

"With the Rochester Bridges to the Doctorate program, getting a...

Discovering Montreal’s Vibrant Deaf Culture

This article and video share a young woman's story about learning sign language and the effect it had on her life.

Flourishing with Family Communication

Tom Holcomb presents about the importance of family support for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Deaf Babies Use Their Hands to Babble

This article explains that deaf babies begin to babble with their hands before 10 months of age.

One Deaf Child: Presentation by Rachel Coleman

"In this presentation for Deaf Awareness Week, Signing Time's Rachel Coleman talks about her compelling journey that began when she learned that her daughter, Leah, was deaf."

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