Welcome to the VL2 Parent Toolkit resource database! VL2 Parent Resources is a database hosting a collection of tip sheets, research briefs, webcasts, tutorials and quick Web links. The Toolbox Web links* are topical collections of web resources compiled as easy-to-access central points of information for parents.

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VL2 ASL-English Storybook Apps for the iPad

A new series of VL2 ASL-English storybook apps for the iPad!
This website includes interactive and bilingual ASL/English storybook app designed for visual learners, especially deaf children...

One Deaf Child: Presentation by Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman talks about her journey that began when she learned that her daughter, Leah, was Deaf.

Tutorial: Learning Together: ASL Games & Activities for Families!

The ASL Games & Activities for Families are a fun way for parents and children to learn ASL together. Each game focuses on a specific part of ASL and provides lots of opportunities to practice...

Tutorial: Words and Worlds: The Science of Learning on Visual Language!

This tutorial provides a snapshot summary of the research conducted by Dr. Laura Ann Pettito and VL2 colleagues. It provides a sampling of the academic research and news articles that explain why...

Tutorial: Communication is Fun!

The Communication is Fun! tutorial introduces parents to practical strategies supporting language play. It includes suggestions and tips on how to follow your child's lead, turn-taking, repeating...