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Meet the DiPaola Family

Hearing parents (and brother) talk about learning to use American Sign Language with their deaf daughter.

Intermingling Languages in Children

Sometimes children who are bi-lingual "intermingle" the two languages. This article explains why this happens in young children who are learning language.

Why is Learning ASL Challenging?

This video explains why it is sometimes challenging to learn to sign as a second language.

Why Sign?

This website documents a young deaf woman and her hearing family's experiences learning American Sign Language.

Dr. Paddy Ladd - Deafhood Pedagogy

"Internationally known Author and lecturer, Dr. Paddy Ladd presented on his most recent research and upcoming book on best practices in classrooms for the Deaf. Dr. Ladd has been identifying...

Five Generations of Deaf Education in One Family!

Meet the Holcombs: Leala Holcomb documents her family's experiences in education spanning five generations.

ASL Nook - Opposites

Watch a father and daughter signing opposites in American Sign Language.

ASL Nook - My Clothes in ASL

Video of a family showing signs for clothes in American Sign Language.

ASL Nook - Emotions in ASL

This video shows a family signing emotions in American Sign Language.

Raising a Deaf Child: Communication and Language Choices

A short article about the language choices hearing parents of deaf children face. Information about the importance of early language learning.