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Trailer - Once Upon a Sign

View trailer for an upcoming video storytelling series "Once Upon a Sign" by Dawn Sign Press.

Deaf People Have Interesting Jobs!

Meet several deaf people in Australia and learn a bit about their jobs.

MSSD Winter Dance Concert 2014

One of the performances at the 2014 MSSD Winter Dance Concert.

Madness in the Mainstream

Author Mark Drolsbaugh answers questions about key issues in mainstreaming and deaf education.

Deaf Skier in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Read about Russian skier Elena Yakovishina.

The D: Detroit Deaf Education

Deaf students and their parents share experiences with school.

Furby Boom! As Explained by Deaf Twins in ASL

Deaf twins review the toy "Furby Boom!" in American Sign Langauge.

World Federation of the Deaf - Human Rights

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) provides information about the human rights of deaf people including language and communication.

Students at Albert School for the Deaf say being deaf defines them but doesn't limit them

Read about two high school students who share their experience about being deaf.

Alberta School for the Deaf: Renewed Building and Renewed Vision

Read about the changes at the Alberta School for the Deaf.