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Video: Teachers in Black

A spoof on the song, "Men in Black" by Will Smith, teachers from the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf sign their rendition of "Teachers in Black".

Video: Alone in a Hearing World

CSS Movies presents "Alone in a Hearing World". Alone in a Hearing World shows true to life scenarios of a young deaf boy growing up in a hearing world.

Newspaper Article: Deaf Doctor Graduates

A newspaper article about a Deaf woman, Megan Jack, and her accomplishment of graduating from medical school.

Article: Deaf Jockey

An article on an aspiring jockey who is deaf, Nicolas Sorrell.

Video: Charter for French Sign Language

Charter on Deaf Children: Towards a real acceptance of and instruction in French Sign Language.

Supporting Students who are Deaf-Blind

This video gives tips on how to support those who are Deaf-blind.

A Guide to Hearing Aids

This website speaks to the different types of hearing aids that exist, and how they should be used.

Video: Hearing Mother Using ASL/English with 2 Deaf Children Who have CIs

A parent of two Deaf children with cochlear implants shares her view about the value of the bilingual approach, including participating in the Shared Reading Project.

Early Identification: Parent Reaction

This video, made by Hands and Voices, a parent support group speaks to parents reactions to early identification of hearing loss.

Books for Parents of Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

This list of books for parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing was composed by the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University.