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Article: Early Language Exposure Aids Deaf Children

This article speaks to early exposure to sign language in addition to spoken language for all deaf children as the best way to maximize linguistic and cognitive skills.

Research Article: Reducing the Harms of Zero Tolerance to the use of alternative approaches

This article describes several harms from the surgery of cochlear implants itself, and argues that, ethically speaking, a standard for success should be cochlear implants measured against hearing...

ASL Alphabet: Signing Dictionary for Kids!

The ASL-PHABET is a series of symbols for writing words in American Sign Language (ASL). It represents the handshapes, locations and movements of signs.

Research Article: The Flexibility of the Deaf Brain

This article explains the brain processes of deaf people, with and without sign language experience, and how they activate differently when they utilize sign language communication.

Video: The Universal Language May Be Only in Our Minds

UC Berkeley linguistics lecturer Patrick Boudreault, who is deaf, explains that language is a fluid thing that's not just spoken. It's something universal that happens in our minds, whether it's...

ASL - What's That?

This video explains what ASL is, and some common misconceptions about the language.

Article: Controversy of Learning Sign

An article on the controversy about Deaf children learning sign language.

Learning ASL Suggested Resources

This website includes resources such as an ASL dictionary, tutorials, and information on Deaf culture and literature and art.

Video: Deaf Folklore "Tree" Story

In this video, a 3-year-old girl signs the Deaf Folklore “Tree” Story.

ASL Rose

This website has educational materials created, published, and distributed that are ASL-English bilingual-bicultural specific.